URL shorteners: What are the benefits?

SEO url shorteners

Nowadays, URLs take up too much space, they are aesthetically unpleasing and they don't encourage sharing. Hence, the need for URL shorteners: tools that shorten links and also offer other benefits. Do you know what they are? Let's have a look!

7 benefits of using URL shorteners

Many companies still share endless links on social networks and by email that are of no value to the user and that, at times, are just strings of random letters and numbers. However, link shortening tools allow you to:

  • Save characters: This way you can avoid sharing links that use up too much text in publications that limit the number of characters, specifically Twitter.
  • Customise your URL: These tools generate a shorter URL by using numbers or letters, but some tools let you change the URL and introduce specific keywords or generate a call to action that attracts the user's attention.
  • Analyse URL data: Most URL shorteners allow you to track the success of links: the click through rate, the geographical origin, the number of shares, etc.
  • Analyse competitor links: Some shorteners permit you to track the data from your competitors' links, provided that they use shorteners.
  • Program updates: Many of these tools offer the option of directly programming publications on social networks.
  • Save the shortened URLs: Some shorteners store all the shortened links generated in the cloud, according to the topic or the common characteristics. This way they are available at any time and from any device.
  • Keep your SEO benefits: Link shorteners use 301 redirects to pass on link juice to the website with no danger of losing SEO benefits.

Now that we have discussed the benefits of these tools, let's have a look at the two most popular:

This is one of the most well-known and popular tools. When an URL is shortened, a report with the most relevant data on the link is displayed (click through rates, top referrers, social networks where it has been shared, etc.). When you create an account you will have access to more options and data from shortened links.

This tool is the Hootsuite shortener, which lets you program, publish and shorten links easily. Like, provides information on these links and also gives you a list of the most shared links., the Google shortener has been the most popular to date, but Google has decided to discontinue it.

By shortening your URLs, you will be able to track better your publications on social networks and your campaigns. Remember to always translate any content that you share!

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