App localisation to guarantee international success

App localisation

If you've developed a web or mobile app and you're thinking about expanding your business globally, this is a concept you need to think about: app localisation. It's the only way to stand out from the competition and get the international success you're hoping for.

The latest studies suggest that currently most consumer activity takes place on mobile phones. In fact, consumers spend more than 85% of the time they spend on their smartphones using native apps. As you can see, it's a figure you really can't ignore. Before we look at the concept of app localisation, we need to explain the difference between two often-confused terms.

The difference between translation and localisation

Translation consists of translating the content of a text from one language to another, but localisation goes further and involves a cultural dimension - adapting a product or service to a particular market, prioritising the culture of each country. With this approach, the relationship with words becomes subtle: The translator, who is accustomed to the customs and traditions of a language, is able to perceive its nuances. Consequently, the localisation process entails a deep understanding of the app you want to launch in a specific market.

App localisation: an excellent marketing tool

Translators who work on app localisation aren't only native language translators and experts in the subject matter being translated: they'll have a marketing background, giving them the skills to make your app attractive in the target market and suitable to be marketed in line with your prior market research.
What's more, whilst translation is strictly to do with written text, localisation involves adapting graphics, slogans, format, colours, etc., so the overall presentation will be analysed and restructured in full. For example, an app made in Spain and aimed at a Spanish audience could have difficulties in countries in northern Europe or on the Asian continent. The format and messaging needs to be translated and adapted to the various cultures if you want to get winning results.

To summarise, localisation has a commercial focus; It's the tool that brings the product and the local market together.

We're a translation agency with extensive experience in web and mobile app localisation. We're specialists in guaranteeing cultural sensitivity, offering a unified message and completing high quality localisation projects with high profitability for our customers.

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