Why it's essential to work with translators who specialise in the field

specialist translators

If we simplify the concept of translation, we could define it as the act of transmitting the meaning of content from a source language to a target language. For more general content, working with a native professional translator with the right skills and experience is enough to make sure the resulting translation is natural and faithful to the original text. But for some translation challenges, experience and linguistic competence aren't the only factors you need to take into account. For certain sectors, working with translators who specialise in the field is essential. When dealing with sensitive content, not doing so could have a serious negative impact on a company. Today we're going to look at why working with a translator who specialises in the field is always the best route to take.    

Every sector has its own terminology

All sectors use their own jargon to varying degrees, and terminology with meanings dependent on the particular context. Though it may be relatively easy to find the meanings of all these technical terms on Google, the challenge lies in coming up with the right translation in the target language.

In some sectors, specialist translators need to be used for a significant proportion of the content generated, which is why we often talk about legal translation, gastronomic translation, financial translation, and medical translation, among other types.

For a more precise translation

Specialist translators working in the field are well used to following processes that go beyond a word for word conversion of the text. In fact if they did that, the resulting translation would be littered with errors, confusing for the reader, and would fail to transmit the meaning of the source text. This can give a negative image from a professional perspective, and undermine a company's credibility in new markets.

In translations with a high level of technical content, as is often the case in the legal or medical sectors, every word has a specific meaning, but the most important thing is that the overall message is transmitted. A translator who specialises in the field they translate will understand all the terminology used in the industry, and will be able to grasp the purpose of the text and successfully adapt it to the new language.

Working with specialist translators will save you time

It's often necessary to extend delivery deadlines, and one reason for this is a lack of experience and expertise in the subject being translated. At AT Language Solutions we always stress how important it is for companies to support professional translators by providing as much information as possible on a project. We know that this will always lead to better results, and when you work with translators who specialise in a field the time spent on research and familiarisation with the source text will be significantly shorter.

Ultimately, knowing the sector a text being translated relates to is crucial to getting a high quality result, and at AT Language Solutions we work with native professional translators who specialise in all the different sectors. If you need our help with a particular project, don't hesitate to get in touch.