How does the Internet of Things work?


The Internet of Things is one of the most popular concepts of recent years, but do we really know what it is and how it can change our lives? Let's take a look.

The Internet of Things concept (IoT) is about connecting any object to the Internet in order to make it more independent and smarter by managing large amounts of information. It can have infinite applications, from tablets, smartphones and computers to other much bigger objects. Let's take a look at some examples:

IOT and the home 

One of the most well-known uses of the Internet of Things is that it enables computers to interact with real-life items and make them more independent. Let's take a practical example: nowadays, you can buy refrigerators on the market that are able to determine what foods are low in stock and order them directly from the supplier when they run out. Thanks to the Internet of Things, these household appliances receive all the necessary information to constantly calculate stock and act accordingly, in a completely independent manner.

Another way of applying it in the home is to install sensors to automate opening and closing windows, turning lights on and off, and many other functions.

IOT and cars

The Internet of Things can also apply to the automotive world and, in fact, this sector is even more connected to the Internet already. What is the use of connected cars?

Well, one of the most obvious pieces of data that connected cars will be able to gather is vehicle location, enabling the system to recommend not just the best route, which is already a thing, but also offer establishments around our destination or leisure suggestions depending on the time of day. Another of the advantages of the IoT is that vehicles will be able to send information to locate and book parking spaces and enable cars to detect one another to prevent collisions, ease traffic congestion and make them self-driving.

IOT and sport

One last application we can see for the Internet of Things is in the sports world. Brand Adidas released onto the market 500 pairs of runners that can travel on Berlin's underground, tram service, buses and ferry ticket free. This is possible thanks to the incorporation of a tag in the tongue of the shoe that allows the user to move through the city free for a whole year.

By connecting their runners to the Internet, users can also obtain a series of data to monitor the calories they burn each day, their step count or the kilometres they have covered.

As we can see, this famous concept is the next big step in the technology industry. The IoT opens up an endless world of possibilities, giving machines more independence and humans more convenience. Will translation be present in the Internet of Things?

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