4 translation tools for translators

Tools for translators

Companies are requesting increasingly tighter delivery deadlines, which requires translators to work at top speed. There are now computer assisted translation tools available (CAT) to help translators.

How do they work?

CAT tools help translators carry out the translation process faster and allow them to store terms in translation memories for use in future translations when they find repeated content. Thus, these tools permit:

  • Faster translation, by extracting total or partial suggestions from your translation memory when required.
  • Rigorous coherence in terminology and style.
  • Translate by segments or sentences that makes the process more visual, faster and easier.
  • Save in the translation memory already done translations.

Let's have a look at three of the most relevant tools on the market and their characteristics.

Tools for translators


This is one of the most popular computer-assisted translation tools on the market, with over 185,000 users worldwide. Created by SDL, a company specialised in customer experience management. These are some outstanding features of the tool:

  • Simplified system of project management, which permits the administration of languages, files and dates in a single place.
  • System that recognises the location and the context of the words and sentences with a view to providing the best translation.
  • Independent or integrated terminology management system.

Déjà vu

This software is used by more than 3,000 companies specialising in translation as well as private companies, and more than 8,500 independent translators worldwide. The most relevant characteristics of this CAT tool are:

  • The translation tool extracts the largest amount of information possible from its terminology databases and translation memory.
  • Multiple formats, using a single and clear interface to be able to manage many types of files: HTML, XML and InDesign.
  • Multilingual databases, which permit the use of different languages at the same time for a same project.


AT Flow, the AT Language Solutions CAT Tool

We can add to this list of computer assisted translation tools that of AT Language Solutions. A useful online tool at the service of our professional translators which will help them to work faster and more directly.

What features can we highlight?

  • Free for our collaborators.
  • It allows you to upload your own translation memories.
  • It allows you to carry out language quality assurance.
  • It allows you to add your own glossaries and style manuals to the translation.
  • It allows you to unify segments for translation, it facilitates translation by joining different sentence segments to be translated and adapts them to the context.
  • It offers translation alternatives, it detects segments with a high level of coinciding source words, stored in the translation memory and these are shown as an alternative when required during translation.
  • Access to online language resources.
  • Easy to download and update software.

At AT Language Solutions, we provide our translators with the AT Flow tool to speed up their work and obtain the highest quality translations.

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