4 tools for targeting an international audience

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Many companies in Spain, although aware of the rise in digitisation and the need to expand to other markets, don't realise how many online tools are available to help them make a first and informed analysis of the market where they are planning to expand into: the target audience, consumer trends and the competition.

Despite the global nature of internet, there are local measures to be carried out, which are adapted to each country. Here are some details of useful tools available to companies embarking on an internationalisation process.

Global Market Finder

Global Market Finder is a free tool by Google that automatically translates the keywords of a website into 56 languages and then uses the data from Google searches to see where, around the world, people are looking for our product or service. It also allows us to know the level of competition and the search volume of key words and the cost in AdWords.

Global Market Finder

Google Trends

Google Trends is another free Google tool where you can see the popularity of one or more keywords, by applying different filters (geographical, spatio-temporal, category and search type). It gives relevant information on search volume and we can also add words or sentences with the aim of choosing the best option for improving SEO ranking in search engines.

Other functionalities of the tool:

  • You can compare search terms on different websites
  • It offers related searches that will help you with keyword alternatives
  • It allows you to evaluate the seasonal fluctuations of a product or service
  • It makes accurate assumptions about future keyword searches

Paypal Passport

As all countries have their own consumer trends and cultural customs, the need has emerged for access to platforms such as PayPal PassPort. This tool helps you to increase your international sales by providing an overview of the commercial trends of your target country. It gives details on:

  • The purchasing trends of each country
  • The countries where consumers usually make online purchases
  • What they buy
  • The specific times when your product might be popular
  • The devices they use to shop online
  • Drivers, barriers and cart abandonment
  • Currency preferences

Paypal Passport


A benchmark study (competition analysis) is crucial when establishing an internationalisation strategy. With SEMrush we can know the country or countries in which a website is positioned. It also offers useful information on:

  • Domains and keywords
  • Organic search and competition pay strategies
  • The most profitable keywords for your website


Do you know any other tools that help companies in their internationalisation processes and provide information on target countries?

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