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Managing a company's translations isn't exactly simple, especially if you deal with a lot of translations. The person charged with this task often has a lot of other responsibilities, and then has to deal with the constant back and forth of emails to translators or translation companies. It's an endless amount of admin with little added value - and it's tedious.


Traditional translation management

The person responsible for translations sends a document to a translation company, the project manager sends a quote, the client confirms the order, and finally, the project manager sends the translated document back to the client. In other words, a minimum of 4 emails go back and forth between the project manager and the client. When companies are doing this regularly, handling things this way can be really tedious and brings little added value - by the end of the week, the time invested is significant.


Translation process with our free platform: AT-HUB

We want to help companies save time on management and become more efficient, so we've created a free online platform that centralises a company's translations, whether they're an SME or larger company.

With AT-HUB, at no extra cost to the company, you can request translation orders in just a few clicks, approve quotes and track orders - with a considerable reduction in time and management costs.

The structure and the way it works can be fully configured and customised, and you can also generate reports to track projects and control costs effectively; all in real time. And it offers full traceability at all levels.


Types of translation you can request

You can request a number of services online via AT HUB, quickly and easily:

Document and file translation: request Expert or Premium translations. What's the difference? An Expert translation - our most-requested service - will be done by a professional, native language speaking translator, and one of our professional linguists will then carry out our quality control procedure. Premium translation is what we recommend for all translations intended for public purposes (such as corporate reports, technical manuals, or any translations relating to the dissemination of knowledge, etc.). This involves the same processes as our Expert translation service, with an additional review of the translation done by a second translator. In other words, the translation plus two separate checks. Our Expert translation service is what we consider a 'certified translation': it follows ISO 17100: 2015 guidelines, awarded only to the best translation services at an international level.

Text correction: a plain and simple revision and correction of your text, in Spanish or any other language.

Transcreation: creative translation. In other words, brining the text closer to the target language, culturally speaking. The end goal? For the target audience to receive exactly the same message as conveyed by the original source language, even if this means the texts are quite different in each language. This service is especially relevant to marketing texts.

Sworn translation: a sworn translation is required for documents written in another language that must be legally valid before an official body. A sworn translation will always bear the stamp and signature of the sworn translator, and it is officially recognised by the authorities.

In addition to all these services, you can also request a translator who specialises in a specific subject. What are the most common specialities?

  • Banking and finance
  • Industry and engineering
  • Legal
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Fashion
  • Tourism
  • Insurance

It's also important to note that, regardless of the type of editable file you upload to the platform, AT-HUB will return the document to you in the same format (.ppt, .xls, .doc, .csv, .html, .txt, .json, .xliff, etc.). Amazing!


Porcelanosa: a satisfied customer and user of our online translation management platform

We recently published a success story with Porcelanosa, a Spanish business group, outlining their problem and our solution.

Porcelanosa Group had two main requirements. On the one hand, it needed to automate translation processes to save the time spent on countless e-mail exchanges. There was also an added difficulty: costs needed to be properly monitored, as invoices had to be sent to the company and department that placed the order. On the other hand, they added content to their blog (Trendbook) each day, which involved an additional administrative load, as they had to manage requests for translations into all the languages used on the website manually. The company's objective was, therefore, to eliminate these bureaucratic tasks, so that workers could focus on their own responsibilities.

We offered Porcelanosa AT-HUB, our online translation management platform. In this way, all the Group's companies' translations would be centralised in a single tool. AT-HUB also allows them to monitor all costs and requests for translations, distinguishing between companies and departments.

With this tool, users can request and accept estimates and monitor orders, with detailed tracking of costs, jobs and consumption.


AT-HUB has numerous advantages (it centralises translations, controls costs, is fast and efficient, and offers data analysis, security, etc.), And it's free!

If you think this platform could be the answer to managing your online translations, giving you less to worry about and getting rid of all that unnecessary admin, write to us! We'll get in touch and set up your AT-HUB.

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