Interview with Disraeli Mateo, CIO at AT Language Solutions


Disraeli Mateo has recently taken over CIO duties at AT Language Solutions after his predecessor, Jaume Clot, left after 23 years in the role. There is no doubt that Disraeli will do a great job in the role, as he is very motivated and hard-working. Combine this with a love for challenges and a good sense of humour and you have a recipe for success! Let's learn a bit more about him in this interview.

You have been at AT for approximately 1 month. How has the experience been so far?

Intense! It has given me a great desire to keep moving forward.

What motivated you to accept this position?

The combination of a great challenge, professional enrichment and the possibility of making a real impact while the project continues to grow.

In which sectors have you previously worked?

Environmental services, technology for smart cities and the automotive industry.

Were you familiar with the world of translation?

Obviously I was aware of it, but I didn't know its magnitude or the relevance of technology within the sector.

What exactly does your work consist of?

To sum it up, guiding a team of great IT professionals to provide the best services and develop the most outstanding products in the translation sector.

How do you see AT at a technological level?

Well positioned and ready to continue improving.

What would you like to highlight about AT Language Solutions?

The clear objective to pursue and achieve customer satisfaction.

What objectives have you put in place for your department?

The lines of work will focus on improving the company's resilience, optimising departmental processes, unifying and homogenising solutions, and transforming the technology that supports them. Although this will not be immediate, this is where we will focus our efforts.

Professionally, what do you like most about the world of technology?

I am personally interested in technology as a vehicle for progress and a tool to improve quality of life. Also as a hobby; in and of itself. Professionally, my approach is more pragmatic and I would add obtaining competitive advantages, efficiency and, consequently, higher returns into the equation.

Without meaning to be too nosey, can you tell us something interesting about yourself? Give us some insight into your personal life. What is your favourite thing to do in your free time?

I watch a lot of films, I follow industry news with interest and I like to get away to festivals from time to time. I enjoy learning about almost anything. Curiosity often leads me to look into subjects that pique my interest which can be as disparate as physics, neuropsychology, astronomy, historical events, the evolution of industries, the origins of certain companies or people, and of course technology. However, I do this out of interest and on a surface level! Incidentally, I have several "obsessions" (like anyone else, nothing crazy!): I don't watch "drama" films, I only wear white dress shirts and I always wear two watches.


Disraeli Mateo: rapid fire round

  • We have to ask, where does your name come from?
    Disraeli is the surname of a key character in 19th century history, Benjamin Disraeli, who was a politician and writer and was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom on two occasions. I am not connected to him in any way, but that is where it comes from.
  • Do you remember what you wanted to be when you grew up?
    An astronaut (and I still do...).
  • If you could travel to anywhere you want, where would it be?
    The moon (you did say anywhere!).
  • A book you couldn't do without?
    Dune by Frank Herbert.
  • A dish you never get tired of.
    Grilled T-bone steak.
  • Your favourite television series.
  • A film that left an impression on you.
    There are too many to name! But one with a lot of meaning to me is Blade Runner by Ridley Scott.
  • What do you love?
    My dogs (during the day).
  • What can't you stand?
    My dogs (during the night).
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