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Translation company

A professional translation company is the best bet if you want to internationalise your website or your e-commerce site. Free automatic translators like Google Translate are not an option. If you have ever used any of them, you will have already seen that the resulting translation contains all manner of errors.

Websites are the showcase of any company and a key element to their brand image, so any translation mistakes on your website could be very harmful to your business.


How to translate a website with a translation company

A translation company will not only ensure that the content translated from the site is correct and adapted, but it will also improve the reputation of your brand image and increase web traffic and conversions (which is ultimately what matters most). What aspects should you consider?


Define the target languages

Where do your potential customers come from? The answer to this question will be the language or languages into which you should translate the website.

Many companies wrongly decide to translate their website into several languages with the belief that this will help to reach a wider audience. This will not result in an increase in the customer base, only in more visits to the website, and it will involve a considerable financial cost. This is why it is important to focus on the markets you want to enter into and only have the translation done into the relevant languages, and by professional native speakers like the translators at AT Language Solutions.


Website localisation

It is important to localise the website, as well as translate it. What exactly does this mean? Localisation consists of translating while applying the necessary modifications to the content in order to obtain a text that is understandable and relatable to users in the target language. We usually only associate localisation with the translation of websites or software, but there are other aspects involved in the process.For example, on an e-commerce site, the name or description of the products in a specific market does not necessarily have to match that of other countries.

This is one of the main reasons why you need to rely on a translation company with native translators who are experts in localisation. Adapting a website to another market requires extensive cultural and linguistic knowledge in order to be able to carry out a correct translation. This benefits sales and, at the same time, does not negatively affect brand reputation.


International SEO

Another important aspect that must be taken into account when looking for a translation company is international SEO. Website translation is not only limited to the texts and content shown on the different pages and entries on the site, but it also concerns keywords, tags, meta-descriptions, etc. In this regard, a translation company must also consider the SEO of the target market, thus improving the positioning of your business in search engines.

The key is a translation company with experience in website translations

If you want your website to become a global industry leader, you must have a quality website translation service. At AT Language Solutions, we have more than 8000 professional native translators who are experts in website translation. Get in touch!

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