When should I choose a specialised translation?

specialist translation

For some types of translation, when the difference between two words can be subtle but vital for the sense of a text, it is advisable to use the services of a specialised translator. A specialised translator ensures that the translation carried out is reliable and high quality.

The importance of a specialised translator

Imagine there is a translation error in a trade contract, or a poor adaptation of a legal text that must be sent to a country where public bodies function very differently to the country of origin of the document. Even within Spain, where there are several different languages, it is often necessary to resort to translation to exchange legal documents between the autonomous communities. In these situations, when an incorrect translation can cause many problems, we must use a specialised translator.

Do the specialised translators have specific training?

Yes. All our specialised translators have specific training accrediting them as specialised translators in their fields. Some are professional in their field: doctors, economists, lawyers and engineers, who have a seamless knowledge of two or more languages and are capable of performing translations that require a high level of specialisation. Sometimes, the specialised translators are professional translators who have been trained through courses and, as a result, achieve a high level of knowledge of the vocabulary within a certain field.

How do I know if I need a specialised translator?

Whenever your text contains complex language, or the translation involves adapting the content to the target language, you need to request a specialised translation. The benefits and the resulting quality outweigh the small increase in cost for a professional to take change of your translation.

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