3 tips on translating content for an e-commerce

e-commerce translation

If you have an online store, launching sales in other countries is a logical step if you are aiming to expand your market. Take advantage of the benefits that e-commerce platforms offer companies and also take great care in the translation of your content. A bad translation could lead to you losing up to 50% of sales in overseas markets.

The turnover from e-commerce in Spain in 2016 grew by 23.3% compared with 2015. And almost 90% of online stores forecast increased profits in 2017. As if that were not enough, 63% estimate sales to grow by more than 10%. If we analyse this positive data taken from the report by the Economic and Social Council (CES), we will see the advantages of e-commerce.

3 main advantages of e-commerce

This data shows that e-commerce has become an important opportunity for sales for all companies. Let's take a look at the main advantages:

  • Availability and accessibility: an online store is available 24/7 and users can access it from any digital device.
  • Direct and immediate purchase: a purchase or service obtained via Internet is instant. However, in order to become a real advantage, an e-commerce business must be designed effectively to facilitate and speed up the browsing and purchasing process.
  • New sales channel: one of the advantages of e-commerce is that it allows you to have an omni-channel or multi-channel business that connects Internet and the physical store, thus enabling clients to return a product they have previously purchased on the website to the physical store.

Regarding the previous point, the content of a website, either e-commerce or not, should be professionally written and translated. This is because any error or badly written text can create distrust and a lack of confidence for users and make them leave the website without making a purchase. To avoid this rebound effect and the loss of potential customers, the most recommendable option is to use a professional website translation service offered by a translation company.

Before discussing the reasons why an online store should be translated, we would like to share some important information on the translation of an e-commerce business. According to the Common Sense Advisory: “75% of e-commerce clients only buy in online stores that are in their own language”, which shows that translation has become a fundamental part of any internationalisation strategy.

3 points to take into account when translating an online store

Now that the advantages of e-commerce have been analysed and we have discussed the need to adapt to each market, let's see some good reasons why we should hire a professional translation service to translate content for an e-commerce:

  • Marketing of content: often, translation is simply not enough. The message, key words and meta-descriptions, etc., have to be reworked in order to make them attractive to users of different countries and boost SEO ranking. It is important to know how users search for your product or service in order to use these key words in your website. And here is where the added value of an experienced native translator for your e-commerce business website is necessary.
  • The use of different currencies: if we are going to sell to other countries, all details of our website should be taken into account. Currency is one of these. Users who want to pay in pounds should be able to find the cost of the product in this currency, and likewise for users purchasing in euros. Currency is an important factor in an e-commerce business and must also be adapted to other markets.
  • SEO Ranking: Google will penalise websites with incorrect translations, which has a direct effect on the number of hits to your webpage and your sales. Don't forget that apart from translating the content, you must also translate the tabs, key words and page URL. This way your website will be ranked higher in the search engines of the country where you are aiming to sell.

This all contributes to a better conversion rate of the online store and, of course, to a better user experience. So, don't forget to check all the elements of your website when you are translating it and remember to adapt it to the target audience before launching it in new markets. Did you know that a good translation can multiply your store's conversion rate by six?

The translation of an e-commerce website is a necessary investment. We strongly recommend that you put the task into the hands of the best professionals.