How do you connect WPML to AT translation services?


Estamos muy contentos de poder comunicar la integración de nuestros servicios de traducción profesional con el plugin WPML. Esta unión nos convierte en la única empresa de traducción profesional de España que se puede integrar con el sistema de petición de traducción integrada que ofrece WPML.

WordPress users who want to translate the content of their websites easily using our translation services, through WordPress' own management tool, can do so thanks to this important collaboration.

What is WPML?

WPML is the leading translation plugin from WordPress.  It provides options for translation into multiple languages, allowing web content to be replicated in all the languages required, easily and intuitively. It also lets the webmaster upload translated texts directly, or request a team of professional translators to translate and return the multi-language content of all of the website's pages to WordPress, for publication in the relevant languages.

How to access our translation services from the WordPress dashboard

Para poder traducir el contenido de tu web con nuestros servicios de traducción y convertirla así en multi-idioma, debes descargar el plugin WPML e instalarlo en tu gestor de contenidos WordPress. Once it is installed, just follow these simple steps to connect the plugin with our translation services:

  1. Request your API Token, which is needed to connect AT's translation services to the WPML plugin.
  2. Once your request has been made, the AT team will contact you to establish your project requirements and you will receive your API Token by email.
  3. Log in to your WordPress. Go to WPML -> Translation Management and click on "Translators tag".

translators-tab-wpml  4. Click on "Activate" to activate AT's translation services.


5. Once activated, click the "Authenticate" button. Here, you need to enter the API Token sent to you by AT and click "Submit".

authentic at wpml

Now you can start to translate your website!