Do Spanish online customers buy in the same way?

Spanish customers online shopping

Online shopping is becoming increasingly popular in Spain. However, do we shop in the same way in all the autonomous communities? To find out, an analysis was carried out over the whole country and here are some of the most important conclusions. Take note!

Who buys more, men or women?

Although in general there are no major differences in this respect, we can highlight that in Andalusia 59% of online shoppers are women. That puts them 17% above the Spanish average (42%) in the online shopping ranking, ahead of men.

In contrast, in the regions of Murcia, Valencia, Catalonia and the Canary and Balearic Islands, the percentage is lower (39%), with men out in front.

What ages are the shoppers and how often do they buy?

The age group of online shoppers is between 35 and 44. Despite the fact that the youngest users (16 - 34) lead the use of the internet, in terms of online shopping they even lag behind the 45 to 54 year-olds.

Of all the internet shoppers analysed, Andalusians are among the most active, only being beaten by those from Madrid and Catalonia. The least prolific online shoppers are from Navarra, Cantabria and La Rioja. 7.7% of those polled in Andalusia say they shop online more than once a week, compared to the Spanish average of 4.7%. In first place are the residents of Extremadura (9.2%) and in third place the Cantabrians (6.8%).

At what time do customers shop and what products or services do they buy?

When it comes to the time of day people go online shopping, the statistics show that the majority of online purchases are made at night everywhere in Spain. This could be because most people work during the day and wait until the evening when they get home to connect to the internet and do their online shopping. People in Cantabria, Castile-Leon and Andalusia do their online shopping a little bit later (10 pm) than in the rest of the autonomous communities (9 pm).

Among the most sought-after products are those related to technology (58.6%), followed by travel services (56.2%) and tickets for events and leisure activities (47.3%). On the other hand, the least popular categories are those related to cars and motorbikes (4.1%), food (11.2%) and health and personal care (11.2%).

From where do they do their shopping?

As is to be expected, mobile devices are the preferred option for buying online: 45% of shoppers use their smartphone, whereas 42% say they login from their computer.

Madrid (55.07%), Andalusia (54.25%) and Valencia (52.66%) are the three communities that make the most online purchases via mobile devices, whereas in the communities of Navarra (47.48%) and the Balearic Islands (47%) the computer is still the most popular online shopping option.

Did you know all these facts? You'll need to take them into account if you want to set up your own e-business. And remember, it is always better to leave the translation of your website content in the hands of professionals.

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