How to translate a PDF without losing your mind

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Have you ever wondered how to translate a PDF? If so, read on - this is the article for you. The translation of PDF documents has always presented a bit of a headache for translation companies. A PDF document is similar to an image and it means that editing the document to reproduce the format is practically impossible. The task is even more complicated when the PDF document contains handwritten information.

The first thing you need to know is that there are two main types of PDF documents. The first type includes documents created from a physical document that has been scanned. The second type includes PDF documents that are the result of exporting an editable document, such as a Word or Excel document or a formatting program like InDesign.

Translate a PDF in image format

Of the two types, this is the most complicated to handle because these kinds of documents often contain stamps, signatures and handwritten text which are impossible to reproduce in the translated document. If it is not possible to send an editable file to the translator, it will be noted on the translation that certain elements that were impossible to reproduce are missing.

Translate a PDF from an editable document

In these cases, although there are still some considerable difficulties, the translator is able to use certain professional tools to convert the original document into editable text. In this way, it is possible to reproduce the original document in an editable format with the greatest accuracy and the format of the translation will therefore reflect the original.

However, whenever it is possible to do so, an editable original document should be sent to the translator. Here, at AT Translation Services, we are currently able to translate documents in Word, Excel and PowerPoint formats, as well as InDesign files. This is the only way it is possible to carry out a translation that completely maintains the original formatting.

Certified translation of a PDF document

Requests that we receive for the translation of PDF documents are often for official and administrative documentation. such as the translation of university qualifications. In these cases, the translator strives to make the translation reflect the formatting of the original as far as possible. Within the translation, any signatures, stamps, seals or other elements that are not possible to reproduce will be noted. Furthermore, if the document needs to have legal validity, a sworn translator will also provide their stamp and signature with the translation, and send a physical copy to the client.

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