AutomaticTrans is now AT Language Solutions

at language solutions

We shall continue to provide the very best level of service to our clients. And we would like them, together with our collaborators, to be our best ambassadors.

So, what is it that we do?

For over 15 years, we at AutomaticTrans have been developing unique expertise in the field of linguistics applied to business, using our own robust technology, with the aim of providing a pragmatic solution to all the problems associated with language in the world of business. Thanks to our vast experience in translation, we have obtained the AENOR UNE-EN 15038:2006 certification in translation services, which is reserved only for those translation services companies that have committed to achieving the highest standards in quality.

Why are we introducing the new AT Language Solutions brand?

To avoid comparisons with computer-assisted translation, we want our brand to reflect what we are. At AT Language Solutions, we develop innovative and disruptive technology, which is customised according to our clients' needs in order to simplify language integration within their business processes.

Among the products we offer is computer-assisted translation software that combines statistical models, algorithms and dynamic memories in order to obtain machine translation results with so far unparalleled levels of relevance. Besides computer-assisted translation projects, we also provide translations and document revisions carried out by our professional translators.

AT Language Solutions develops language technology for application in companies

AT Language Solutions provides "turn-key" solutions. This involves taking charge of the project from the design stage and until we achieve the result desired by the client, making multilingualism easy. The translation of website content, applications and documents are the processes usually requested by our clients in most of our projects.

As a guarantee of our high quality translation service, we hold the UNE-EN 15038:2006 certification, the highest qualification awarded in Spain, which means that only professional translators perform translations and that the translations are revised by other professional translators.

But, why doesn't the AT Language Solutions brand look like a translation company?

It's true, we are aware of this. On the one hand, our clients include IBEX companies which, regardless of their size, require meticulous quality and personalised treatment in their translation projects. On the other hand we have also developed specialised CAT (computer-assisted translation) tools for our translators and linguists, allowing them to increase their efficiency and, at the same time, guarantee the quality required. We are working to combine the best of both worlds under a new brand, which will allow us to promote what we have been offering since 1999: the best quality, the best price and the fastest translations on the market, and always with the guarantee of a professional translation.

In short, the AT Language Solutions brand will offer exclusive tailor-made technology solutions to facilitate multilingualism in B2B.

The aim of our brand is to respond to the problems facing companies when they are looking to incorporate new languages in new markets, business processes or management processes. We translate applications, intranets, extranets and tools, and ensure that all the dynamic content is translated and permanently updated without needing to dedicate internal resources or modify the existing IT infrastructure.

With AT Language Solutions, leave multilingualism in the best possible hands.

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