Translator satisfaction survey


At AT Language Solutions® we focus all our efforts on guaranteeing our services are of the utmost quality, and this includes our relationship with our translators. This is why last November we ran a survey to gauge their level of satisfaction and find out if our commitment was meeting their expectations.


Satisfaction survey data

This questionnaire responds to our desire to bring value to all of our translators, and to consistently improve in order to offer translation services worthy of the ISO 17100:2015 certification that endorses our work.

The questionnaire was sent to a total of 325 language service providers who have collaborated with AT Language Solutions in 2018. The objectives, apart from identifying the most frequent source and target languages, can be summed up as follows:

  • Our staff's response time
  • Suitability of the requested delivery time
  • Assistance received from our vendor manager
  • Assistance received from our project management team
  • Usefulness of feedback received
  • The user experience with AT Language Solutions tools
  • Assistance received during the invoicing process
  • Degree of preference for working with AT-Flow
  • Overall rating


Most common languages of translation

Based on the results obtained, the most common source languages among language service providers are Spanish, English, French and Catalan, which are also our most frequently requested target languages.


Translator rating

The response of our collaborators has been very positive and the overall rating of our language providers was 4.58 out of a possible 5 points. Some of the top rated aspects include:

  • Assistance provided by the team of project managers (4.84/5)
  • Assistance provided by our Vendor Manager (4.79/5)
  • Response time of AT Language Solutions (4.73/5)


These results attest to the quality of the human team at AT Language Solutions and our commitment to all of our translators. This is how we ensure that every project is a success, no matter what the size.

If you'd like to know more about our translation services, why not hop on over and visit our website?

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