AT integrates its AT-PROXY® solution with AEM

Adobe Experience Management

The AT-PROXY® translation and localisation solution by AT Language Solutions has been approved by Adobe for simplifying translation and localisation processes for websites through its new content management system, Adobe Experience Manager (AEM).

AEM users need to localise their web content in the best possible way in order to capture customers all over the world and to satisfy the growing expectations of a global audience. To meet this objective with just one click, we have become your technology partner for the translation and localisation of content.

The website content management service provided by AEM is intended to offer an attractive multi-channel user experience that drives business success. With AT Language Solutions, we can now make this experience multi-lingual.

The advantages of our translation technology for AEM:

Thanks to Adobe's technology (which allows to us create, manage and optimise websites, mobile applications, etc through its digital channels) and the development of our translation technology, users now have access to website translation solutions for any type of content in any language, from menu elements or forms, to blogs and pages. The result is a top quality translation that is faithful to the original text.

Some advantages of our content translation solution for AEM include:

  • No need for additional development.
  • No need for investment in IT infrastructure
  • The technology is scalable and it can cloud-based or stored locally by the customer.
  • The translation is carried out instantly
  • The solution also localises tags, meta tags, labels and categories
  • Any website can be managed in any language without intervention from the customer
  • It automates the import and export process for new content
  • Translations are performed in a secure environment
  • AT Language Solutions holds the most demanding certification in translation, the ISO 17100:2015 for Translation Services

The combination of AEM and AT Language Solutions gives AEM users the best experience to automate translation processes with complete visibility and control. This eliminates the need for human intervention in the process. A 100% professional and human translation is provided with improved response times for launching new multi-lingual websites with correctly localised content instantly.

If you use Adobe Experience Manager to manage your digital initiatives and want the best solution to localise them with the best professional translation, AT Language Solutions is your best alternative. Put your languages in the best hands!

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