How to analyse the browsing habits of visitors to your website

web user behaviour analysis

Knowing how visitors browse your website is essential to gain in-depth information on their interests and this way focus your content accordingly. In our post, we'll talk about some tools available for analysing customer behaviour when browsing a website. Let's have a look!


This tool allows you to visualize customer behaviour in a website using different features:

  • Heatmaps: these maps provide information on mouse movement, click, scroll and attention.
  • Recordings: the tool records your users' browsing sessions. These recordings allow you to visualise customer experience; what they do, how they move through your pages and what captures their attention.

It also provides relevant information on web forms, as it shows which spaces are left blank, which take longer to fill out and which make users abandon the website. Finally, one of the advantages of this tool is its integration with other analysis tools, such as Google Analytics.

To implement the tool, enter two javascript codes in the website that you want to analyse.


This tool has similar features to those of ClickTale. With HOTJAR, the data is shown via:

  • Heatmaps: as with the previous tool, heatmaps show the places on the website that capture the attention of users, by click, scroll, tabs opened and mouse movement.
  • Recordings: Hotjar also records user sessions. This permits you to extract information on how long a user takes to read the texts on a page or find the information they are interested in, or how long they take to click on a button.
  • Creating widgets: you can create customised surveys to know your users' opinions, for example, if they thought a post, product or service was interesting.

An important feature of this tool is that it permits you to filter the information obtained by device, browser and country, among others.

In this case, by entering just one piece of code, you can integrate the tool with the website to be analysed and extract the information you need on user behaviour.


Crazy Egg is another popular tool for marketers and is used to track how your visitors interact with your site. The platform permits integration with Google Analytics to extract more detailed data on users. This tool shows the following information:

  • Heatmaps: it tracks which parts of your page your users click on the most and its scrollmaps show how far down the page they have gone.
  • Confetti: this type of map can display referral sources, i.e., where visitors are coming from (social networks, search, adverts, etc.)
  • Overlay: the overlay report shows how many times visitors clicked on a particular page element compared with the total number of clicks.

One of the more popular features of this tool is that you can test two designs using A/B testing to determine which of the two variants has a better performance regarding user-friendliness, so you can boost your conversion rate.

When you enter the URL you want to analyse and the device (desktop or mobile), the tool generates a code to enter in the website to track user behaviour.


And finally, let's have a look at the advantages the tool Lucky Orange has to offer. Unlike the previous tools, this tool displays on a very simple dashboard information on user behaviour, such as the total number of pages clicked on, referrers and the number of tabs open, and much more. It also has features such as:

  • Chat with visitors: this feature, not offered by the previous tools, allows you to chat and co-browse with visitors. It detects when a visitor can't find what they are looking for on a website, and permits you to open a chat to offer help.
  • Recordings: as with the other tools, it records the browsing habits of visitors to your website.
  • Heatmaps: as with the other tools, there are different types of maps: click, movement and scrollmaps, among others.

To integrate with the website to be analysed, Lucky Orange generates a script, which must be entered into the website you want to monitor in order to track user behaviour.

It is extremely interesting to know the behaviour of visitors to your website in order to optimise its user-friendliness and reduce the bounce rate. Have you ever used one of these tools? If you haven't already done so, we recommend you try one of these tools. And remember, working with a professional website translation service will guarantee that your website content is adapted to the language of your users.

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