How can you get more landing page conversions? Here are our 4 tips

If you want to attract your target market effectively, a key part of your content strategy will be your landing pages. It should form a major part of your strategy, as it can significantly increase the number of conversions your company gets... and it can also be the reason for visitors leaving your website. So it's worth giving the design of your landing pages the attention it deserves - this is how you're going to capture your audience's attention, impress them with your value proposition, and ultimately close a sale. And that's why today we'd like to give you our 4 tips for getting more landing page conversions.

Get rid of distractions

Your future lead has shown an interest in one of your Google Ads, has engaged with one of your social media posts, or wants to know more about that really interesting post you published on your brand's blog. Now what? The moment has come for them to give up their details so you can offer information and products that are the best fit for their profile. But to do this we need to get rid of any distractions that might make this potential customer start exploring your website without filling in a form on your landing page.

You need to make sure that the content on your landing page is minimal, clear, and concise, and that there's a strong and striking call to action. If your landing page has too much information it can steal the limelight from your form and distract your visitor - and this could lose you a conversion. When you design your landing page, keep one word in mind: simplicity.

Stick to your promises                   

Your content marketing strategy will have all been for nothing if the target page doesn't respond to the expectations you've set. The content of your offer needs to match the title, and be in a similar tone to all your previous conversations. And once your future lead's arrived at your landing page, it's your last chance to give them a value proposition that'll make them want to leave their details and close the conversion. Another thing we strongly advise is that you use multimedia content to complement the message in your offer, provided that it contributes information and will bolster your call to action. Prioritise the quality of potential leads coming to your landing page, over quantity - so avoid the use of clickbait.

Offer trust and security

If you're offering a product that requires subscription, giving information that can reinforce trust in your brand can be key when it comes to getting a conversion. This means including relevant information - without over-burdening your landing page - as that could have the opposite effect. Showing testimonials from other users that back up the promised benefits, or showing off the acknowledgements and awards your company has gained, will help potential customers believe in your product - and encourage conversions.

It's also important to offer guarantees, such as the opportunity to try a demo, a free trial period, or a refund if the product doesn't meet the potential customer's expectations. As well as giving credibility to your company, it will make a customer feel 100% secure when they go ahead with a purchase.

Get relevant information to qualify your lead

It might seem obvious, but it's really important to get the information you need to qualify the leads you get via your landing page. The details you ask for should be in line with a lead nurturing strategy allowing you to sufficiently qualify a lead so they end up becoming a customer.

What's more, mistakenly requesting too much information could end up being a barrier for the user, and make them leave the landing page. Even worse, they might actually start to mistrust your brand for asking them for too much information.

Finally, you need to take into account the market you're working with, and localise both your content and landing page to make sure they have exactly the impact you're looking for on your foreign audience. So if you need translation, localisation, or transcreation services for your content marketing campaigns, we can help you with any type of project.

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