3 alternatives to Google AdWords

Google adwords alternatives online advertising

If you are looking for an alternative to Google AdWords to generate your advertising campaigns, you'll find this post useful. Today we'll discuss the other online tools available for creating marketing campaigns on Internet. Take note!

Facebook Ads

Although Google AdWords is still the most popular, new advertising platforms are now available for creating online marketing campaigns. One of these is Facebook Ads, a tool for creating ads which is integrated into the social network. Your choice of advertising channel will depend on your business, the market niche and the audience you want to target.

Here are some advantages of Facebook Ads:

  • The users and the cost: when users search for information in Google, the ads appear next to the search results. Facebook ads are less intrusive and they can generate instant purchases. The cost of advertising in Google AdWords is higher than in Facebook Ads, especially in market niches and competitive sectors.
  • Segmentation: Google AdWords usually applies segmentation using keywords and the choice of times, the areas where the adverts are shown and the language. In Facebook, you can create more specific and customised campaigns for each type of user, as it offers more options for segmentation, such as the level of studies or specific interests of users, their taste in music, their hobbies, etc.
  • Types of objectives: Facebook offers many advertising objectives for marketing campaigns: building brand awareness, scope, traffic, interaction, conversion, among others. With Google, however, depending on your objective, you will have to opt for search or display campaigns.

LinkedIn Ads

As with Facebook Ads, using LinkedIn Ads, Google AdWords or creating campaigns with both tools will depend on the objectives you have established and your target audience. In this case, it will also depend on your budget, as LinkedIn is not the cheapest advertising option.

Here are some advantages of using LinkedIn Ads:

  • Segmentation: unlike Google AdWords, LinkedIn presents segmentation options related to the work experience of users: business sector, position in the company, time spent holding these positions, etc. This way you will target a quality audience more effectively.
  • Essential for B2B companies: as it is the only business oriented social networking site, it has become indispensable for companies selling to other companies (B2B).
  • Types of adverts: there are two types of campaigns that you can create on LinkedIn and they are easier to set up than those of Google AdWords.

Bing ADS

Bing Ads is one of the least used platforms in Spain due to the huge popularity of the Google search engine. However, it could be a mistake not to take into account other search engines like Bing in your marketing strategy, especially if you want to advertise your products in other countries where the use of search engines is more varied.

Here are some advantages of using Bing Ads:

  • Ad position: Bing Ads has a clear advantage over Google AdWords as Google has eliminated ads on the right-hand side of the results, whereas Bing Ads has maintained this position.
  • Lower CPC: because fewer people use Bing compared to Google, many advertisers choose not to advertise here. This results in much less competition by keyword and, as a result, the CPC (cost-per-click) is cheaper.

If you would like to try an alternative to Google AdWords, these are three good options for creating online advertising campaigns. And remember, if your digital strategy includes several countries, it is important to have your adverts translated by a professional translation service.

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